Lydia Grace

Lydia Grace
Our first child, Lydia Grace

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mother of Two: Part 2

 I felt pregnant before I had a positive pregnancy test. I could feel the change in my body. The first home test I took was negative. Five days later, on October 10, I took another test. It was positive! So begins months of anxiety and doctor appointments. We are very excited and joyful, more than I can express, but the fear is very real. 

   I have had 3 sonograms, 11 tubes of blood drawn, and 3 OB appointments thus far. I feel like I am checking things off a list: 
1. first sono showed very little, but we established the embryo was attached to the uterine wall, no ectopic pregnancy = in the right place - check
2. second sono we were able to see the heartbeat = heartbeat, things are going ok
3. third sono we were able to hear the heartbeat and see the arm buds and leg buds = our baby is developing

    I have had morning sickness. Extreme fatigue is plaguing me. I can sleep 10 straight hours at night, but half way through the work day it is all I can do to stay awake, much less focused. I cannot stop thinking about going to bed. I fight the urge to curl up on my desk and give way to sleep that my body demands. 
  Yes, I am enjoying every minute. Honestly, every day I am thankful to have one more day with my baby for I do not know when it will be the last. As far as I know baby is healthy and developing and I am grateful for throwing up and being exhausted and the other complications. 


Thanks for all the congratulatory comments and support!!!


  1. I am so glad to read your thoughts and feelings about the news of Lydia's we will always miss Lydia until we join her in heaven ....I am excited by the joy of the Spring that is Coming....I love you all so much, Drew, Lydia and Baby remain as always in our hearts and in our prayers.....

  2. I am glad that it has happened again for you (: It brings something to celebrate and look forward to while you miss Lydia at the same time. Sounds like you have a good OB.