Lydia Grace

Lydia Grace
Our first child, Lydia Grace

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Growing Excitement and Belly

   For a couple weeks now I have been counting down the days (77), not weeks, until Isaiah's due date. I have begun writing the daily countdown on the dry erase board by our calendar. My excitement has been mounting and I feel as though I cannot wait.

29 weeks! (And suffering from seasonal allergies)

   I have also gone a little crazy with the house.  I decided to switch the nursery and office, then after asking my husband to move part of the furniture, I decided to switched them back again. Though I am still pondering that decision. I have requested the rearrangement of the living room and kitchen. I've given away, thrown away, and packed away. I've scrubbed windows, doors, air conditioning vents, baseboards and walls; rearranged cabinets, closets, and cubbies. I have a list two pages long with all the other tasks I wish to complete. Currently the house is in a greater state of disarray than it was when I started this reorganization rampage, but I have to make messes to get everything back in order. Or so I reassure my husband, as boxes line our hallway. All will be in its own place soon enough. Just have to get it right. And I hope I am not premature in some of this cleaning. I do not want to feel the need to do it again before baby.

   I plan on registering this week and plans for a baby shower are in the works. I finally feel I am to a point that I feel comfortable and good about having a shower. My excitement and joy is difficult to contain and I am looking forward to sharing it with others! 



  1. You look great!! I continue to think and pray for the three of you.