Lydia Grace

Lydia Grace
Our first child, Lydia Grace

Sunday, February 27, 2011

You Bring Restoration

You take my mourning, turn it into dancing
You take my weeping, turn it into laughing
You take my mourning, turn it into dancing
You take my sadness, turn it into joy

You bring restoration...

We sang this song at church tonight. Some of my thoughts follow.

Mourning into dancing, weeping into laughing, sadness into joy...
At times statements like these seem impossible. Mourning doesn't seem to have a clear ending; though I laugh, I still weep; my sadness is present with the joy, for the present I experience both extremes. 

Yet one day my mourning will be turned completely into dancing, never to return and bring with it the familiar ache. One day my weeping will be turned to laughing and singing, and tears will no longer so easily fall. One day sadness will not darken my life, and joy never ending will fill it. He promises restoration, though complete restoration will not come until Christ returns. Hallelujah! O glorious day! 


  1. The day will come when we shall dance with our daughter! This song tonight brought me tears and spoke hope into me as well. The sweet promise of restoration from pain and broken hearts.